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In today’s society, many individuals and businesses alike have become more interested in community service through helping those that may need extra assistance. Whether through getting involved or donating to an organization, many Americans are giving back to the community at higher rates than before. Knowing that community service is increasing around the nation, it is important to learn about some of the great programs and organizations that may need assistance in the future. To begin, let’s examine the ETTA.

What Is The ETTA?
Located in California, ETTA is an organization that helps people and their families with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They provide a variety of programs to help individuals living with a disability to lead full, independent lives where they can thrive. Some of the services that ETTa offers include residential housing, case management, employment training, educational services, and social services. Since opening in 1993, ETTA has helped over 700 individuals through the services and programs that they offer.

Job Services
Upon turning 18 years old, individuals can sign up for ETTA’s Employment Services. Through this service, individuals work with the organization to go through the job process, helping them get placed in positions that closely align with their goals and interests. Throughout their job, ETTA will also offer a variety of courses to further one’s education and training, which can help them get better equipped for future jobs. The organization will continue to work as a resource for the individuals, even after they have been placed in a job.

Life Skills
For adults living with disabilities, acquiring life skills can require a more hands-on, individualized approach. ETTA provides that individualized approach through their life skills program. The program helps individuals in a few different areas. They begin by helping to find a home environment that works best for them. Once that has been established, the programs teach them on how to handle personal needs, like home maintenance and meal planning. Lastly, they go over some of the other programs and services in the area that they may benefit from. It can be used to help them learn more about the community around them. Altogether, the life skills programs can get an individual better equipped to live and thrive on their own.

Other programs that the ETTA offers include housing services, adult day programs, summer programs, social events, and summer programs. Each program is specifically designed to help individuals at their own pace.

To see what other programs that the ETTA offers and the impact they have had, or to get involved with ETTA, visit their website at   

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