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Are you passionate about philanthropy as a business owner? Many people want to be able to give back to the community in meaningful ways, but they struggle to figure out how to make philanthropy a part of their companies. Keep reading to learn how you can build a philanthropic company culture. This should allow you to use your platform to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Partner up with Charities

Partnering up with charities to hold charity drives should be a good place to start. Companies often partner with specific charities to hold events that are beneficial for important causes. For example, you might hold an event to raise awareness about breast cancer while taking donations for charities that focus on finding a cure. Events like this help to develop the philanthropic spirit of your company. 

Give People Time Off to Volunteer

Giving people time off when they want to volunteer for good causes will also help. If you have employees who want to be able to volunteer their time, then you should make it easier for them to do so. It shows that such pursuits are valuable to the company and it allows more people to volunteer when they feel compelled to do so. You could even actively encourage your employees to volunteer some of their time for charitable causes each year. 

Match Employee Charitable Donations

Many companies like to try to match employee charitable donations up to a certain amount. For example, you might want to match the first $1,000 that your employees donate to specific charities each calendar year. This gives employees more of a reason to consider donating to charity since their donations can make a bigger impact than usual. It shows that you’re committed to helping good causes as a company. 

Promote Community Donation Drives

Promoting community donation drives will also be an effective way to build a philanthropic company culture. You should try to regularly hold events where you encourage people to donate food, clothing items, electronics, and other items to those who are in need. Events like these can help people in need to get necessary items and it shows that your company cares. This is also simply a fantastic way to give back to the community.