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1. Ask your friends and family about volunteering opportunities in your community. What organizations in your area accept volunteers? What kind of work could you do for them? Can you donate items or spend a day with senior citizens or hospital patients? Taking the time to ask these types of questions can open up new avenues to help make a difference.

2. Start small and think local. You’ll often have more impact working alongside other people in your area compared to looking for ways to get involved on a larger scale online or beyond where you live.

3. Volunteer with your kids. If you have children, it might be a wonderful way to teach them the value of giving back while exposing them to new things and helping develop their sense of responsibility. Talk with your kids about the variety of ways they can participate in service projects and help them find one that suits their capabilities. Some ideas include helping with a neighborhood clean-up, collecting food or clothing donations for community shelters and other organizations, joining projects at schools or churches, etc.

4. Research charities near you to find the best fit. Finding an organization that resonates with you is essential as it can help provide a better understanding of the work they do and how your efforts can help make a real difference. Whether you work with one organization over time or spread out your efforts to different charities, start by looking locally and then branching out online to research national organizations that exist around your interests.

5. Think about what you already enjoy doing. Do you love spending time outside, working on crafts, or reading at the library? How can you do these things and also help others? Thinking along these lines will help you discover a way to serve others that you truly enjoy, so you’ll keep going back to do it again and again.

When it comes to giving back, the possibilities are endless. Find ways that you enjoy helping others and think outside of the box about what you can do that works best for you and your unique situation. Everyone has the potential to make a difference-it just takes a little bit of time and creativity.