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Many people worry about staying healthy and sticking to healthy routines while traveling. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps travelers can take to maintain health and well-being on any trip, whether business or pleasure. Careful planning, especially for inexperienced travelers and those with specific needs and preferences, can help cut down on pre-trip stress. Making flight and accommodation reservations early makes it easier to focus on other aspects of planning and packing as the departure date approaches.

When traveling for pleasure, making a conscious decision to leave work behind is key to a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway. To gain all the health-giving benefits of a vacation, it’s important to plan ahead so that colleagues don’t intrude with texts, emails or phone calls about issues at work.

While flying, especially on a long flight, the recommendation is to stay hydrated and limit alcohol and caffeine. Wearing comfortable clothing, and taking care to stand up, stretch and move around periodically during the flight, helps to minimize the physical impact of being confined to a cramped airline seat for long periods.

Eating presents a challenge for many travelers. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet when a basket of bread, rich foods, and a selection of desserts are always available. Travelers with food allergies may need to explore restaurant offerings and learn to communicate clearly about their food requirements in order to avoid health emergencies. For others, making conscious food choices will help maintain balance. Gaining a few pounds on vacation is not a disaster, but the negative effects of over-indulgence can be felt pretty quickly. No one wants to spend a trip feeling heavy and lethargic as a result of eating too many unhealthy foods. Allowing oneself the occasional dessert or a piece of bread before dinner is not a problem; the secret is moderation.

Sometimes, a trip is designed around healthy activities like hiking, exercise, or spa treatments. Exercise or spa facilities offer a great way to sustain health and well-being and travelers are well-advised to seize those opportunities when available. Another easy, always accessible, way to promote well-being, is to practice simple, health -conscious habits like short periods of stretching, deep breathing and meditation.

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Jack Nourafshan is a distinguished real estate development professional, entrepreneur, and President of Reliable Properties in Los Angeles, California. Reliable Properties, which Jack originally opened in 1975, is a real estate acquisition, development and management company. In addition to his accomplished career, Jack Nourafshan is also committed to philanthropy and spending time with his family.

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