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As we move through the first month of the new year, many individuals are working on their new year’s resolutions, which often revolves around health and fitness. To meet the demand, gyms and health clubs continue to expand nationwide. Because of the health benefits that gyms and health clubs can offer, numerous organizations are now seeking out these gyms to provide the support that they need to be successful.

One of these incredible organizations is called the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association, which is also known as the IHRSA. The mission of the IHRSA is to help grow, promote, and protect the health and fitness industry by providing the resources that health clubs need to be successful. The IHRSA currently has over 8,000 member clubs spanning across over 70 countries around the world. In addition to acting as a resource, IHRSA works in numerous other spectrums in health and fitness.

Advocacy On Capitol Hill
Since IHRSA is committed to health and fitness, it is not surprising to learn that they are active on Capitol Hill as well. The IHSRA advocacy team works with politicians and industry leaders to protect the interest of health clubs both in the United States and around the world. Additionally, they are working to encourage a more active society, especially as obesity continues to grow as a problem. Because of IHRSA’s work, the health and fitness industry has continued to explode in popularity and will continue to see significant growth in the coming years.

Tips To Improve Your Health Club
Thanks to IHRSA’s commitment to helping grow the health and fitness industry around the world, countless health clubs can access some of the resources that the organization provides. If you need assistance with improving your health club, IHRSA is available to provide the help that is needed for long-term success. Health clubs that are members with IHRSA can get insight on a variety of topics, from choosing new exercise equipment to creating the right fitness program for your club, IHRSA is available to help. Other areas that IHRSA can help with include personal training, wellness and community programming, strategy and finance, and technology.

With almost 40% of the American population now being considered obese, it is more important than ever to continue promoting the benefits of health and fitness. This can not only help to improve the health of many Americans, but it can improve their quality of life. Through organizations like IHRSA, we can rest knowing that health clubs are being consistently protected and improved.

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Jack Nourafshan is a distinguished real estate development professional, entrepreneur, and President of Reliable Properties in Los Angeles, California. Reliable Properties, which Jack originally opened in 1975, is a real estate acquisition, development and management company. In addition to his accomplished career, Jack Nourafshan is also committed to philanthropy and spending time with his family.

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